Kindergartners in Grand Ledge, Michigan are getting iPads

May 14, 2012

All 370 kindergartners entering the Grand Ledge school district will get an iPad next year.

Students will be able to use the devices for their first few years of school for spelling and math lessons. 

Superintendent of Grand Ledge schools Brian Metcalf said the kindergartners will use the iPads until second grade.

"We're really focused on the younger students with the iPad because it does not require the use of a keyboard," said Metcalf. "A touch screen allows the youngest children that do not have the well-developed motor skills to navigate with ease."

Metcalf said each iPad will also be customized to meet every kindergartner's needs.

"The students coming to us now are what we are calling digital natives and the iPads really provide lots of different apps to reach each and every student," said Metcalf.

Metcalf said the district is working with one company that programs apps based on students' test score results and other information.

- Emily Fox, Michigan Radio Newsroom