Lacking money and management, Detroit looks to "borrow" executives

Dec 26, 2012

Dave Bing

Detroit mayor Dave Bing says the city might “borrow” personnel to replenish its management ranks.

Bing says Detroit is “very stretched, very light at the management level” right now. The city has hacked away at its management ranks to cut costs in recent years.

Officials have said that lack of expertise, especially at the middle management level, is now holding back the city’s effort to make structural reforms—but there’s no money to fix it.

But Bing says the city is trying to get help another way.

“We are now reaching out to certain businesses around the state in particular, to see whether or not they could loan us executives from anywhere from one to two years,” he said.

Bing said the city has received some “positive feedback” so far—but noted that it’s still too early to discuss the efforts in any detail.