Lansing City Council passes city budget

May 19, 2014

The Lansing City Council signed off on next year’s budget last night.

The only controversial part of the budget centered on moving the bulk of the city’s police department from Lansing’s north side to the south side.

The Lansing Police Department will move about 70% of its officers into the Hill Center by the end of August.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Many north-side residents worry moving the patrol and investigative units will bring more crime to their neighborhoods.

Lansing Police Chief Mike Yankowski insists police officers will remain highly visible in north side neighborhoods.

“We’ve invested so much money into our patrol cars so that those cars can stay … those officers can stay in our neighborhoods,” says Yankowski.

The city plans to lease the new police office space for the next four years. Now that the City Council has signed off on the plan, the mayor's office can move forward to sign the lease on the Hill Center.  

Lansing officials hope to soon have a plan for a permanent, city-owned building to house its police department.