Lansing City Council votes on budget plan tonight

May 21, 2012

The Lansing City Council will vote this evening on the city’s budget plan for next year.

The vote may set up a veto fight with Lansing’s mayor.

Back in March, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero told the city council how he thought the city should try to deal with a projected $4.7 million budget deficit next year. 

Tonight, it’s the city council’s turn.

The past two months have seen the city council wrestle with the mayor’s plan, especially over how money from a new public safety property tax would be spent.

The city council’s budget is expected to add more police officers than the mayor’s original plan.   The council’s plan would also reduce the number of city employee furlough days during the next twelve months.

But the city council’s proposal to boost payments to the city from its municipal utility is expected to draw a veto from the mayor.    The Lansing Board of Water and Light issued a statement last week opposing increased payments to the city.

Mayor Virg Bernero is expected to veto some parts of the budget.    The question is whether there are enough votes on the city council to override A veto.