Last day on the campaign trail in Michigan

Feb 27, 2012

It’s a busy day of campaigning in Michigan for three leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney spent today hopping from one rally to another in hopes of getting enough support to win Tuesday’s presidential primary in his native state.

Hundreds of people jammed into a machine parts manufacturer’s plant near Albion to hear Romney.

"This sure has been fun these last ten days or so," Romney joked, "We started off…15 points behind in the polls.  Now, we’re leading in the polls.   Thanks you guys."

Romney told his supporters he wants to undo what President Obama has done during the past three years.

“I need your help to make that happen," Romney told his supporters,   "Get out there and vote a couple of times.  Get your friends to do it.   Get me the support we need.  Let’s go back and take back America." 

Romney’s last day of campaigning before Tuesday’s primary will wrap up tonight in Royal Oak.  

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is also holding numerous campaign events today in Michigan, including stops in Lansing and Kalamazoo.   

Texas Congressman Ron Paul is also talking to voters today in East Lansing.