Layoffs looming in Lansing

May 11, 2011

Lansing police officers are waiting to see if they will receive layoffs notices.  The city council next week is expected to approve a city budget that will include deep budget cuts in public safety.   The city is facing a 20 million dollar budget deficit.

Lansing voters rejected a property tax increase that would have covered part of the budget gap.  

Brad St. Aubin is the president of local Fraternal Order of Police.  He says the expected layoffs of dozens of Lansing police officers will have an effect. 

“Our services are definitely (going to) have to be…diminished.   You just can’t keep doing more with less.”  

Lansing city council members are considering several ideas to trim the budget without major cuts in public safety.  But at least some layoffs are expected no matter what the council does.