Lincoln name change to become official Monday?

Nov 28, 2012

This summer, Automotive News got ahold of a document that Ford Motor Company sent to a number of outside agencies, in which the company outlined its plans for the Lincoln brand - including a name change to "Lincoln Motor Co."

That's the original name of the company which was acquired by Ford in 1922.

I called a Lincoln spokesman to try to confirm the name change, but was told firmly, "there is no name change right now."  I got the distinct impression he wasn't very happy about my question.

Then, last week, Automotive News reported that dealers had been informed of the name change.   

Automotive News rarely, rarely gets its facts wrong.  I figure two stories from them makes it semi-official, at least. 

I expect it to become official on Monday.  Ford says Lincoln head Jim Farley and Ford CEO Alan Mulally  will make a major announcement about Lincoln, the location, aptly, being Lincoln Center Plaza in New York.