Michigan Democrats picking national convention delegates Saturday

May 20, 2016

This weekend, Michigan Democrats will select most of the state party’s delegates to this summer’s convention.

State Party Chairman Brandon Dillon expects Saturday’s district meetings will go smoothly and avoid the fights between Sanders and Clinton supporters seen recently in Nevada.

“We don’t anticipate any major problems and are confident that things will go as smoothly as possible,” says Dillon.

Steve Monti is a Bernie Sanders supporter.  He’s running to be an alternate at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.    

He’s optimistic this weekend’s selection process will avoid the bitter fight between Sanders and Clinton supporters that marred a recent party meeting in Nevada.

“You know unless a bunch of people show up unbeknownst to me who have some other agenda, we all want to keep this civil,” says Monti.

Bernie Sanders won Michigan’s primary in March, but will nearly evenly split the state’s convention delegates with Hillary Clinton.