Michigan digging out as arctic blast sends temps falling

Jan 6, 2014

As Michigan descends into an arctic freeze, many cities and towns are struggling to clean up after Sunday’s big snowstorm.

“It’s just too dangerous for city residents to be outdoors,” Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero told reporters at a news conference today.

Bernero said many residential streets in Lansing are “impassable.”

“As we all remember from the 2011 storm, it takes a minimum of a couple days to clear all 440 miles of roads in the city,” Bernero said. “It will take at least a couple days this time as well. So we ask city residents to please be patient. Be safe.”

Lansing residents’ patience has already been tested this winter.  Thousands had to wait more than a week to have their electricity restored after a pre-Christmas ice storm.

The city’s homeless shelters are full.  Lansing families with children, who need a warm place to stay, are being put up in local hotels by the city.