Michigan Gov. Snyder to deliver 'State of the State' tonight

Jan 16, 2013

Governor Snyder will deliver his third State of the State speech tonight.

He says he’ll offer a plan to raise a lot more money to fix roads and bridges and improve rail corridors. He says Michigan’s gas tax needs to be updated to reflect the changing realities in how people drive and the vehicles they buy.

"It would likely be a combination of features so you could be talking about fuel tax, but also registration fees because you do have concerns about the long term in terms of people going to electric vehicles and others who won’t be paying in," said Snyder.

The governor says he knows it won’t be easy to sell higher taxes and fees to the Legislature and the public, but he says they’re an investment that will save money over the long term.
The governor says he also intends to talk about the Great Lakes in his address, and matching workers’ skills to jobs.