Michigan Legislature to discuss Snyder tax plan this week

May 2, 2011

This week lawmakers in the state Senate will discuss a tax-reform plan agreed upon by Governor Rick Snyder and Republican leaders in the Legislature.

Just a couple months ago Republican Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said it would be impressive if the Legislature could wrap up the budget before the summer, let alone before June.

But since then the Republican-led Senate has approved a spending plan, and is ready to work on a tax-reform proposal.

The tax proposal is controversial – eliminating the Michigan Business Tax in favor of a tax on some corporations, and taxing future pensioners.

Some Republican senators say there is no way they will agree to a plan that taxes pensions.

But overall, budget negotiations are moving along more quickly than some lawmakers originally anticipated.

Democrats say the quick process is at the expense of funding for children and low-income families.

The House and Senate will still need to wrap up their tax and budget plans and reach a consensus before the proposal would go to Governor Snyder for his signature.

-Brian Short, Michigan Radio Newsroom