Michigan manufacturers call for tax cuts

Jan 18, 2011

The Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) says Michigan is getting it's "butt kicked" when it comes to taxes.

In the Detroit Free Press, the MMA's vice president for government affairs, Mike Johnston, was quoted when talking about personal property taxes on equipment.

From the article:

Michigan’s manufacturers pay 29% higher overall business taxes than those in other states, and the personal property tax on equipment is largely to blame, according to a study by Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA). The report released today shows that Michigan manufacturers pay 14.2% state and local taxes on gross surpluses, compared to 11% of the U.S. average.

Other taxes the MMA would like to do away with according to the Freep:

  • Eliminating the 22% surcharge on the Michigan Business Tax
  • Eliminating business taxes for smaller business owners who pay income taxes
  • Eliminating the tax on gross receipts that’s part of the Michigan Business Tax
  • Continuing tax breaks targeted for businesses that agree to come to Michigan or expand and provide specified numbers of jobs