Michigan mom asks for death benefits for in-vitro twins conceived after father's death

Nov 12, 2012

A Michigan mother whose twins were conceived usingĀ  in-vitro technology after their father died is asking the state Supreme Court to allow the children to get death benefits and inheritance rights.

Pam and Jeff Mattison had a daughter using in-vitro fertilization, and wanted more children.

But Jeff Mattison was ill, and died just before the procedure was performed again.

Pam Mattison had a twin boy and girl nine months after her husband died. She applied for Social Security benefits for the twins, but was denied.

Victor Bland is Mattison's attorney.

"Who is an heir is something that stems from concepts from the 15th century," Bland says. "I don't think the law has kept pace with some of the technological advances in conceiving."

Children under 18 who lose a parent are entitled to Social Security benefits.

The state Supreme Court will hear the case on Nov. 15.