Michigan’s Puerto Rican community mobilizes for those in need

Oct 3, 2017

President Trump is spending today in Puerto Rico, getting a first-hand look at the destruction wrought by Hurricane Maria, and meeting with storm victims and first responders.

Meanwhile, Puerto Ricans living here in Michigan continue to worry about family and friends back on the island.

Rose Figueroa has taken that worry and channeled it into co-founding a group to help. It's called Puerto Rico Rises – Ann Arbor.

“It’s really sad, and it was worrisome,” Figueroa said, “because we’re all on Facebook and social media and the first thing we see is, I’m telling you, all the posts on Facebook were my friends asking about a specific neighborhood – have you heard about this neighborhood? Have you heard about this town, or have you heard about this family?”

Listen above to hear how Puerto Rico Rises – Ann Arbor is working to collect donated items to help Puerto Ricans recover from the storm. You’ll also learn how you can help.

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