Michigan’s system “one of the worst” at providing legal counsel to the poor, says law expert

Nov 4, 2016

Michigan Radio is involved with several news media partners in a project called the Detroit Journalism Cooperative. One of the issues we're looking at this year is justice, things such as mass incarceration and wrongful conviction. 

There's a nationwide network of legal clinics that are working to litigate claims of actual innocence by prisoners. Many of these clinics base their work on DNA evidence which has led to clearing the names and the release of hundreds of people. 

At the University of Michigan, the Michigan Innocence Clinic operates a little differently. It pursues cases in which DNA evidence is not available. 

The clinic's co-founder David Moran joined us today to talk about his work and why we see so many wrongful convictions.

For more about wrongful convictions and race, click here.

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