Michigan state budget increased from last year to maintain law and order

Jul 10, 2014

A state police budget bill was approved for adding another helicopter.
Credit not_Aaron / flickr

Today we wind up our week-long review of the new $53 billion state budget with a look at the money for "law and order."

Detroit Free Press Lansing reporter Kathy Gray was with us today.

Gray said that the new budget would have some more money to fight crime than last year. According to Gray, here are some of the things that the "law and order" money will fund:

  • $3 million for the attorney general's office to prosecute cases resulting from testing a backlog of 11,000 rape-evidence kits found at Detroit's crime lab;
  • New helicopter for Michigan State Police;
  • $375,000 for three new initiatives to combat civil rights violations, including hate crimes and bullying;
  • Plans to graduate 100 new troopers from training academy

* Listen to full interview above.