Michigan Tea Party leaders meet in Mt. Pleasant Saturday

Oct 18, 2013

Tea Party leaders from across Michigan will be gathering in Mount Pleasant on Saturday.

More than 300 Tea Party leaders are expected to be on hand for the conference.

Organizer Cindy Gamrat calls it a ‘Powwow’. She says it’s an opportunity to get together, network and share ideas with fellow ‘liberty lovers’. 

Gamrat says the Tea Party movement in Michigan is moving beyond the emotional “ups and downs” tied to political wins and losses.

“It’s becoming a movement that’s becoming more proactive than reactive,” says Gamrat.

Gamrat says a top priority will be to prepare for next year’s elections, especially for open seats in the state legislature.

“We’re looking for ways that we can have an effective impact on those elections,” says Gamrat.

Gamrat says she and her fellow Tea Party members have been invigorated by the recent battles in Washington over shutting down the federal government and raising the nation’s debt ceiling.