Michigan voters wouldn't be bought

Nov 7, 2012

Policy-makers, politicos, and pundits are trying to figure out what the rejection of all the statewide ballot proposals means. 

Tens-of-millions of dollars were spent in getting the proposals on the ballot and then promoting them.

John Bebow is with the Center for Michigan which operates Bridge magazine and the Truth Squad. He said there’s one clear message, “The ballot wasn’t for sale this year. That’s what voter’s said.”

Bebow noted it didn’t seem to matter whether a proposal was backed by a billionaire, environmentalists, or labor unions no matter how much money was spent to persuade the voters.

“No matter which proposal was being promoted to change the Constitution, the voters stood up tonight and said ‘We are not going to be bought.’ That’s what you saw,” Bebow said.

Bebow added ballot fatigue might also have contributed in some cases. Six proposals might have been too many for voters to slog through and they simply voted ‘no’ on all of them.