Michigan's ban on K2 and other synthetic drugs starts Sunday

Jun 30, 2012

Starting July 1, Michigan head shops and convenience stores will have to stop selling K2, Spice and other popular synthetic drugs.

The drugs mimic the pleasurable effects of marijuana. Law enforcement officials have also linked the drugs to some violent crimes.

Two weeks ago, Governor Snyder signed into law a ban on the sale and possession of K2 and similar synthetic drugs.

Law enforcement officers spent the past week warning store owners about the impending ban.

Shannon Banner is a Michigan State Police spokeswoman. She says store owners will have to do more than just pull the drug from their shelves.

“The law does make possession a two year felony,” says Banner. “I would certainly say to them…you probably wouldn’t want to keep an illegal drug around."

Anyone caught selling K2 could be charged with a seven-year felony.