Michigan's Christmas tree comes down in Jackson (PHOTOS)

Nov 2, 2012

In Jackson, hundreds of people braved near freezing temperatures this morning to watch a 75 foot tall tree be chopped down.

Tomorrow, the tree will take its place on the state capitol lawn to serve as this year’s official state Christmas tree.

A crowd of school children and curious neighbors watched as professional timbermen chainsawed through the thick trunk of the Concolor Fir, before gingerly guiding the huge tree between two homes with the help of a large crane.

Anthony LaPorte grew up in this Jackson neighborhood.  He’s watched the tree grow for more than 40 years.

LaPorte admits to mixed emotions about donating it to be the state Christmas tree.

“Yeah, I’m sad that every day I won’t have that shade and be able to see that beautiful tree,” says LaPorte, “But in my heart I’m happy that everybody’s going to be filled with joy this Christmas season….and it’s coming out of my back yard.”

The official state tree lighting ceremony will take place November 16th.