Michigan's understudy groundhog predicts another 6 weeks of winter

Feb 2, 2015

Punxatawney Phil isn't the only groundhog prognosticator!

It's official. Per Murray, Michigan will experience six more weeks of winter.

Michigan's got an official groundhog. Her name is Woody, and she lives at the Howell Conference and Nature Center. But for this year's Groundhog Day, they had to send in a "pinch hitter:" a groundhog named Murray!

Dana DeBenham, director of the Howell Conference and Nature Center, joined us today. She said Michigan’s star groundhog, Woody, was unable to perform her duty today.

“She just isn’t feeling up to it, she’s kind of an old chuck these days, you know,” DeBenham said.

However, lucky for Michigan, the understudy groundhog named Murray was able to fill in while its star groundhog was sick with a cold.

Murray, only eight months old, “did great,” DeBenham said.

“We got her into her stump, we counted down the clock for 30 seconds, and unfortunately she poked her head out a couple times but she did not come out. She did see her shadow.”

So according to Murray, Michigan will be in for another six weeks of winter.