Midwest Migration: Is the grass greener in Atlanta?

Feb 3, 2012

Changing Gears' Midwest Migration” project is featuring the stories of former Midwesterners – people who have left the region since the recession of 2008.

Name: Conrad Schissler
Midwest Home: Ann Arbor, MI
New Home: Atlanta, GA

After a series of part-time jobs working my way through the University of Michigan, I got a good full-time job as IT administrator for an automotive supply company. When the recession hit, we suffered furloughs and salary cuts that made it impossible to stay with that job.

I took advantage of the time off to tour the country on my motorcycle. I rode thousands of miles, from Boston to Kansas City to Minneapolis, applying for jobs and meeting the locals.

I landed in Atlanta. I enjoy my life here: I fell in love with a wonderful man, I've found an excellent job, and I have a lot of great new friends here.

As great as my life is, though, Atlanta just isn't home. I miss summers that aren't too blistering hot to go outside; and I miss the dramatic change of seasons. I love you Atlanta, but you can never be more than a tryst.

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