A Minute with Mike: On driverless vehicles

Jul 20, 2015

Despite the growing convergence of cars and computers, motorists still have to pump gas, at times haggle with the local mechanic down the street, or continuously watch the road for massive pot-holes and their fellow aggressive drivers.

Well, car and software companies are working hard on tackling that issue by building -- Are you ready!?!! 

Driver-less cars!!! 

In fact, one tech giant is working on a car that won’t have a steering wheel. Because, why would one need a steering wheel in a car? How silly -- and 20th century.

But, before I pump up your dreams of going through the drive-thru wearing pajamas while indulging in, well whatever,  I should tell you that…

(Sounds of computer crashing).

Wow, that’s embarrassing! Seems my computer crashed. Good thing it wasn’t a car.

Guess, I’ll get back to you once this thing reboots.

What!!?! Twenty minutes to install automatic updates! But, I didn’t ask for any updates!  GRRRRRRR!