Mitt Romney courts Tea Party groups in Milford

Feb 23, 2012

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney stumped for primary votes in Milford last night, at an event sponsored by eight different Tea Party groups.   

Wes Nakagiri is the founder of one Tea Party group called Retake Our Gov.  Nakagiri says all Tea Party members share some common beliefs.

"We believe that piling mountains of debt on our children and grandchildren is immoral and absolutely wrong," he told the crowd in a short speech, before introducing Governor Romney without fanfare.

Governor Romney told the crowd he will tackle the nation’s deficit, in a speech heavy on economic policy points.  The one standing ovation he received was for this criticism of President Obama.

"We have a President who believes we should transform America into something more like Europe," Romney said .  "I will never apologize for America."

After the event, a number of people said they hadn't yet decided who to favor, Romney, or former Senator Rick Santorum.

That includes Howell resident Ken Urban.  

"I think any one we have here would be outstanding.  Right now I’m (leaning towards) Santorum, but Romney would be outstanding."

Romney is expected to outline his economic platform before the Detroit  Economic Club Friday.

Polls show he is in a statistical dead heat with former Senator Rick Santorum in Michigan.   

Romney was born and raised in Michigan, and his father was governor of the state.  Losing Michigan in the primary would be a painful blow to his campaign.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former  Congressman Newt Gingrich are also running in the primary.