Mixtape: New music from Swordfish, Laurel Halo and Tee Grizzley

Jun 20, 2017

We turn now to Metro Detroit’s music scene. This is the first of what will be a monthly look and listen at Detroit-area artists.

Founder and Publisher of Detroit Music Magazine Paul Young was looking for a creative outlet to share his knowledge of the Detroit music scene. He and his executive editor, Khalid Bhatti, strive to produce high quality music reviews, share events and highlight new music in their magazine.

“Our goal has always been to cover the wide gamut, range and variety of music that Detroit offers and has always offered for the last 50, 60 years,” Bhatti said.

Listen above to learn about music from Swordfish, Laurel Halo and Tee Grizzley.

Check out Laurel Halo below.

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