A morel mushroom recipe from a café in Cadillac

May 19, 2014

Morel mushrooms spring from the ground in Michigan.
Credit State of Michigan

Listen to Chef Hermann Suhs cooking up morels in his kitchen at Hermann's European Café in Cadillac, Michigan.

This audio postcard was produced by Tom Carr.

Here's the recipe for "Fettuccine Morello a la Chef Hermann"


2 oz. grated Parmgiano-Reggiano

1/2 lb. cooked fettuccine

1/2 cup heavy cream

2 oz. salted butter

1 oz. olive oil

1 tsp. chopped shallot 

1/2 tsp. chopped Italian red garlic

2 oz. fresh morels or 2-3 dried soaked morels

Salt to season

Dash of dried thyme leaves

1/2 tsp. chopped parsley

Dash of coarse ground black pepper


Sauté morels with shallots and garlic until soft, about 3 minutes over medium heat. Add the al dente cooked fettuccine, sauté one minute and then add heavy cream. Let it cook down over medium heat for about 3 minutes. Add half the grated cheese, blend and take it off the flame. Add seasonings and let stand for a couple of minutes. Serve with the extra grated cheese.