In this morning’s news: Federal bankruptcy hearing, teacher evaluations, and funding for Great Lakes

Jul 24, 2013

First federal bankruptcy hearing today

Detroit kicks off federal bankruptcy hearings today, and the first order of business will be deciding if the city can cut pensions to pay down its debts.

“City officials say the pension funds are $3.5 billion short. But Michigan's state constitution says you can't cut public pensions. That’s why city employees and retirees are suing to block the bankruptcy. A federal judge will consider whether the pension debate is a state or federal issue,” Michigan Radio’s Kate Wells report.

New teacher evaluations submitted to state

A new evaluation system for Michigan teachers has been submitted to the state. Under the new system, teachers would be evaluated by student growth based on standardized test scores and classroom observations of their teaching practice. The recommendations come from the Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness. If approved by the legislature, hearings on the new system could start this summer.

Proposed bill to cut funding for the Great Lakes 

"A bill that will drastically cut federal funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative was approved by a U.S. House of Representative subcommittee yesterday. The bill will cut funding from the program from an original budget of $285 million down to $60 million for the 2014 fiscal year. The bill also proposes an 80% cut in a loan fund for local sewer system upgrades," Michigan Radio's Lindsay Hall reports.