MSU alumnus plans to show off his private art collection to the public for free

Sep 18, 2013

LOS ANGELES (AP) - For years Eli Broad has said he wants to make his vast, collection of contemporary art accessible to the largest number of people possible.

What better way to do that, the billionaire philanthropist said Tuesday, than to make admission free to the $140 million museum he's building in downtown Los Angeles.

When it opens next year, Broad said during a hard-hat tour of the half-completed building, people will be able to walk in and view works by Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha and scores of others without paying a cent.

The three-story, block-long structure is planned as a work of art of itself.

When completed it will be covered by a glistening, porous shell that will even allow passers-by to see some of the works inside from the street.

Broad is a 1954 graduate of MSU.    He's endowed not only the East Lansing university's business school but also the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum on the MSU campus.