National study shows an arts degree can lead to a job

May 8, 2011

A new national survey shows that, despite what many may think, students who major in the arts are not destined for a life of unemployment.

The Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) surveyed more than 13,000 alumni from arts schools around the country were surveyed.

The survey shows that 92% of those who wanted a job found one soon after graduation, many as professional artists. For those who work outside of the arts, more than half say their arts training is helpful in their current job.

Imre Molnar says that’s because most art and design programs focus on “project-based” learning, which he says is helpful in any career. Molnar is Dean at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit:

"If you apply this project based problem solving to a broad range of things – whether its running a business, starting a new product or company, the chances of solving the problem are enormously increased."

While those surveyed were generally happy with their career paths, almost none were happy with their incomes.