New breast pump allows moms to “keep on keepin’ on” at work, in car, while cooking

Jul 31, 2017

The Next Idea 

Caring for a baby takes up a huge amount of time.

Yet one mom managed to find the time to come up with an idea for a product, pitch it in entrepreneurial competitions, win, and make her idea reality: The Pumpndo.

The slogan? "Because mom life doesn't stop when you pump."

Julie Burrell is the entrepreneur behind this "totally hands-free" way to pump breast milk without taking time out from the rest of the work mothers have to do every day. 

"I've driven while I'm using it. I've typed on the computer. I've chopped vegetables. You know, you can pretty much do anything," she said.

For the full conversation, including how Burrell explained her product's usefulness and won over male-dominated audiences at innovation contests, listen above.

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