New emojis are coming to a keyboard near you next year

Aug 26, 2015

The recent announcement that new emojis are coming to a keyboard near you in 2016 caught our attention. The emoji powers that be (and yes, that exists!) are now deciding which new ones will make it onto our keyboards next year.

Among the 38 nominations are a selfie, a facepalm, a dancing man to go along with the dancing woman, and foods including sizzling bacon, a pickle, and an avocado. It's all come a long way from that basic little smiley or frowny-face emoticon we used to make. But we got to wondering: Are there dos and don'ts for using emoji?  

Today, we discuss when we should, and should we not, use those cute little hieroglyphs. What does it say about the person who uses them?


  • Kimberly Springer – Michigan Radio's social media producer