New 'Pure Michigan' ad about Detroit features a lot of...fountains

Aug 21, 2013

There's a new Pure Michigan ad about Detroit. 

Released on August 19, the 32-second video features classic images of Detroit through a soft, fuzzy lens.

An evening row on the river, a sunny afternoon at the Detroit Institute of Arts, and a fresh array of fruit and veggies at Eastern Market create a picturesque montage of the city.

Also, there's an unusually large number of fountains. Here's what we see in 32 seconds:

  • The Detroit River
  • The DIA
  • a fountain
  • Sugar House
  • Eastern Market
  • A jazz club (Baker's, maybe?)
  • The Detroit River
  • another fountain
  • The Detroit skyline
  • one more fountain
  • players at Tiger Stadium

The narrative describes Detroit as a destination possessing "unmistakable sounds, memorable sights, and limitless energy (cue: fountains)." 

-- Lucy Perkins, Michigan Radio Newsroom