With new recalls, Ford's having a rough week

Jul 26, 2012

Ford is issuing yet another recall, the company’s third in about two weeks. This time, it’s for older model Escapes.

Gas pedals in the SUV can get stuck when they’re pushed close to the floor. That’s only for the 2001 through 2004 models with 3 liter, V6 engines. Complaints involve 13 crashes and one death.

Rebecca Lindland is an industry analyst with IHS. She says after announcing a big drop in earnings Wednesday, this is more bad news for Ford.  "Really, to be tripped up by circumstances on the one hand outside their control with the global economy, and then on the other hand a product that's been on the road for so many years - coming up with this kind of recall, it's just very frustrating for the company."

The last two recalls involved the 2013 Escape.