'Occupy Wall Street' campaign on the move in Michigan

Oct 6, 2011

The “Occupy Wall Street” campaign is starting to pop up in towns and cities across Michigan.  

Last night the campaign came to Ann Arbor.  

A crowd of about a hundred gathered on the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor to talk and listen. Many in the crowd have been inspired by the anti-corporate protest that’s been taking place on Wall Street for the past several weeks.  Others were just curious.  

Whitney Miller organized the meeting at the U of M Diag. She believes the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement  can bring real change.  

"I’m going to keep on pushing…and I think others are going to keep pushing as well," says Miller. 

The "Occupy Wall Street" movement is planning on large scale protests in Lansing, Detroit and Grand Rapids later this month, meanwhile social media websites are popping up calling for grassroots groups to sprout up around Michigan.