Pastor asks for jury trial to allow anti-Islam rally

Apr 21, 2011

A Wayne County judge is impaneling a six-person jury to hear the county's case against a controversial Florida pastor.

Terry Jones wants to conduct an anti-Islamic rally Friday  in front of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn. County officials want to stop him.

The county is asking a judge to place restrictions on Jones, including having him  pay for police protection  for his rally, and to move the rally to a different part of Dearborn.

Jones has opted to have a jury hear the case against him. Fox TV-2 legal analyst Charlie Langton says the judge is giving Jones a forum for his beliefs.

 "The issue for the jury, though, is whether or not there’s a likelihood that Terry Jones will breach the peace," Langton says. "And so what’s the prosecutor has the burden to show."

Langton says Jones would face jail time if he violates any restrictions the judge may place on him.