Permit allowing group to 'Occupy' Detroit park to expire

Nov 10, 2011

DETROIT (AP) - A permit allowing a group to camp out overnight  in a Detroit park while protesting the roles of Wall Street and banks  in the nation's economic troubles is scheduled to expire next week.

Lucianna  Sabgash of Occupy Detroit said Thursday city workers  have posted signs stating Grand Circus Park closes at 10 p.m. She says the permit runs out on Monday, but the group is  expected to seek a renewal.

The group pitched tents Oct. 14 in the park. Protesters have  staged several marches in Detroit. Sabgash is a 30-year-old Wayne State University student. She said a large number of people "are probably going to come here to make a stand" Monday if the group is evicted.

The Associated Press left a message seeking comment from Mayor  Dave Bing's office.