Personal stories of babies born too small, too early or gone too soon

Oct 9, 2012

State of Opportunity's documentary on Michigan’s infant mortality crisis airs today at 3 p.m.

This is a heavy topic, for those looking to share or read some more personal stories there is the site “Too Small, Too Early, or Gone Too Soon.”

The site is a collection of stories from parents whose children were in the NICU or who lost a child. Some of these stories are sad, of course, but some are very hopeful.

"My wife Cori and I just brought Finnegan home today (October 8, 2012)! After spending every day of the last 10 weeks in the NICU, we look forward to spending some time at home with him, learning to be parents." -Tim Akers

We invite you to share a story about a baby that was too small, born too early or about infant loss as part of our coverage of infant mortality.

The site functions as an ongoing conversation. It needs your voice and photos.

-Cameron Stewart, Michigan Radio Newsroom