Plan to close water park has Detroiters burning up

Jul 20, 2011

With temperatures stuck in the 90s, patrons of Detroit’s only water park say they’re livid about plans to shut it down.

Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano says closing the Family Aquatic Center at Chandler Park would save a million dollars the county needs to balance the budget.

Nanga Chungag is 12 years old. She takes swimming lessons at the park and says closing it would be terrible for her, and her city:

"Detroit is just, like, going down the toilet so this is like a really important place to us and my family, we used to come here with my cousins and everything. So we’ve loved this park for a really long time, and if they closed it I don’t know where I’d go because in the summer, there’s not many places to go in Detroit."

The county is trying to close a deficit pegged at $160 million. Ficano has proposed tens of millions of dollars in additional cuts in areas like courts, law enforcement, and children’s services.