Political conventions & Isaac

Sep 2, 2012

America’s two largest political showcase events could be hampered in their efforts to get out their messages because of Hurricane Isaac.

The Republicans have left Tampa and the Democrats are rolling into Charlotte.

This weekend should be filled with nothing but talk about what Mitt Romney said about Barack Obama and what the Democratic President plans to say about his Republican challenger.

Instead, Hurricane Isaac threatens to dilute both parties finely crafted convention messaging.

West Michigan congressman Bill Huizenga says he hopes the American public will be able to hear what both parties have to say.

“Obviously I hope that those messages are able to get out,” says Huizenga,  “For (Republicans) it’s really an introduction of the comeback team of Romney and Ryan. Obviously for the president, as they go into their convention, (Democrats) have messages and themes they want out as well.”

Of course, what time is lost now can probably be made up during the final two months of the presidential election.