Potential Hutaree juror questions undercover work by police

Feb 10, 2012

Jury selection for the trial of Michigan Hutaree militia members will wrap up early next week. Today, one potential juror threw prosecutors for a loop, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Members of the militia are accused of plotting the murders of several police officers as a violent protest against the government. As Michigan Radio's Steve Carmody reported, the case against the militia members "was developed during an undercover investigation of the group."

Today, the Detroit Free Press reported that of the 74 potential jurors vetted this week, all but one said they were o.k. with undercover work by police:

Not juror number 382, a former assistant manager for a logistics company who lost his job two years ago and now spends most of his time caring for a school-aged daughter recovering from a kidney transplant. He said he believes spying on people is an invasion of privacy.

“You’re basically paying someone to lie and deceive people. I don’t think that’s right,” said the potential juror.

The judge allowed the juror into the pool. Final juror selections will be made next week.