'Practice bomb' on sidewalk in Port Huron found to be safe

Aug 20, 2013

Police got a little nervous yesterday when a man showed them a bomb he said he found when diving in Lake St. Clair.

Here's how it went down, according to the Times Herald:

Port Huron Police Sgt. Dave Seghi said a Port Huron man came into the police department around 12:30 p.m. to explain that he had found the object on the bottom of Lake St. Clair and would be taking it home.

Seghi followed the man out to his car. When the diver pulled the bomb out of his trunk, Seghi asked him to place it on the sidewalk — and then called for help.

While Port Huron police taped off the area of Merchant Street between Grand River Avenue and McMorran Boulevard, officers from the Michigan State Police bomb squad drove over for a look.

The Municipal Office Center was not evacuated.

Bomb squad technicians examined the bomb and found that it was an old practice bomb — a training aid that had never been active, Seghi said.

The man who found the bomb, Robert Grattan, apparently took it to the police so he could get their o.k. to keep it. 

Here he is explaining the situation: