Product may take back seat to politics at 2017 NAIAS

Jan 2, 2017

The upcoming North American International Auto Show might be more notable for the topics of discussion than the vehicles.

That's according to analyst Michelle Krebs of AutoTrader.

She says there's a lot going on right now, like the need for car companies to transition to mobility companies, as self-driving cars come closer to being a reality.  Then there's the transition to a new president.

"I think product might take a back seat this year to a lot of conversation about where is the industry going, what happens as sales are plateauing, and what happens under this new president," says Krebs.

That said, Krebs says there will be many big reveals at the show this year, including the new versions of the Chevy Traverse, Honda Odyssey, Toyota Camry and Lexus L-S.