Prosecutor: No more charges for Nassar despite new reports of abuse

Feb 7, 2018

Michigan prosecutors aren't planning to bring additional sexual assault charges against imprisoned sports doctor Larry Nassar, even though abuse allegations are still being reported.

Kent Cassella, a spokesman at Michigan State University, says there have been more than 60 allegations reported to campus police since Jan. 16.

Andrea Bitely of the Michigan attorney general's office, told the Lansing State Journal that there are "no plans" for additional charges.

"At this time, there are no plans for more charges for Nassar," Bitely said. "We are encouraging people to come forward because a police report helps provide access to victims' services. Many survivors have also expressed that coming forward, whether in court or in the privacy of the MSU Police Department, has helped them begin healing."

Nassar molested girls, including many gymnasts, who sought treatment for injuries. In Texas, authorities still are investigating his conduct at a gymnastics training center - the Karolyi Ranch.

Nassar is serving a 60-year prison sentence for child pornography crimes. He's also been sentenced twice to at least 40 years in Michigan prison for sexual assault, punishments that wouldn't start unless the 54-year-old outlives the federal sentence.