Psychiatrist: We should not be in the business of diagnosing the president

Jan 11, 2018

President Donald Trump.
Credit GAGE SKIDMORE / FLICKR - http://bit.ly/1xMszCg

The recent publication of Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury focused our attention on President Trump's fitness to hold office.

Wolff claims White House aides harbor deep concerns about the president's mental health, although those same aides publicly deny that.

The questions about Trump’s mental fitness, however, pre-date the Wolff book.

Late last year, a group of psychiatrists and mental health experts spelled out their concerns in a book titled The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. Their position is as follows: Trump's mental state is a danger to the nation. They felt it was their duty to warn Americans.

Dr. Arash Javanbakht disagrees. He’s an assistant professor of psychiatry at Wayne State University. In an editorial published in today's Washington Post, he argues that psychiatrists should not be involved in presidential politics. Javanbakht joined Stateside today.

Listen to the full conversation above, or read Javanbakht’s Washington Post editorial here.

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