Recall battle

May 20, 2011

Thousands of people are expected to descend on the state capitol on Saturday to protest Governor Rick Snyder’s policies.    Organizers plan to kick off a petition campaign to have the governor recalled from office.  

Gov. Snyder’s support of cuts in education spending, taxing pensions and other issues has angered many Michigan voters, especially union members. Beginning this weekend, a group hopes to turn that anger into signatures on a petition to recall the governor.    They’ll need more than 800 thousand valid signatures to put the issue on the ballot. 

This week, the Michigan Republican Party sent out an email asking the GOP faithful for their financial support for an anti-recall campaign. 

Matt Davis is a state Republican Party spokesman.  “The point is obviously support the governor and make sure the recall effort fails.” 

He says the recall is being pushed by special interests fighting the governor’s efforts to rein in state spending and improve state government.    Davis says state Republicans hope to collect “one more dollar than they need”  to defeat the recall effort.