'Right to work' protests expected to be a major disruption in Lansing Tuesday

Dec 10, 2012

Downtown Lansing is preparing for another big protest day at the state capitol tomorrow.   

The impact could be bigger than last week’s protest against so called "Right to Work" legislation.

Organizers expect several thousand union members and their supporters will descend on Lansing on Tuesday.   Its part of a protest against the legislature’s expected votes on Right to Work bills.

A union spokesman says protest organizers have been in touch with local police to discuss how they’ll handle the expected traffic disruption in downtown Lansing during the planned day long demonstration. Lansing police plan to close several streets around the state capitol beginning Tuesday morning.

Last week, Lansing police had to block off traffic south of the capitol when hundreds of union protesters left the capitol building to hold a separate protest a few blocks away at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce building.

Last week’s Right to Work protest did affect downtown businesses in different ways, with some sandwich shops seeing an increase in business, but for others last Thursday business took a hit.