Royal Oak man sues city over medical marijuana restrictions

Feb 4, 2011

A Royal Oak man is suing the city over its medical marijuana restrictions, which took effect this week.

Adam Leslie Brook is a cancer patient in chronic pain who’s certified to use the drug under Michigan’s medical marijuana law. The law allows Brook to grow up to 12 plants at his home. But Brook’s attorney, Joseph Niskar, says Royal Oak’s new zoning rules bar him from doing that:

"And for the city to require that he travel a greater distance, go outside the city to grow it, go outside the city to find a caregiver to find his medicine, he’s necessarily going to be incurring costs that he would not if he were allowed to have his medicine in his own home."

The ACLU of Michigan is currently suing four Michigan cities for their restrictions on medical marijuana.

Voters legalized medical marijuana in Michigan in 2008.