Russell Industrial Center vows to rebuild after losing most of its tenants

Mar 2, 2017

More than 70% of the tenants at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit left after the city ordered them out a week ago due to building violations.

The converted auto factory is – or was – home to a major artists community in Detroit.

Eric Novak is the project manager for the Russell Industrial Center.  

He says they'll try to get people to move back, but it could take a long time because some had to sign new one-year leases elsewhere.

"We will definitely rebuild what is left after the massive hit that we took," says Novak. "Hopefully we'll be able to recreate ourselves to the art Mecca that we once were."

Novak says he expects to hear the result of an appeal of the vacate notices on Friday.

In the meantime, emergency exit signs and fire extinguishers have been installed, as required by city code.