Saginaw postpones LGBT discrimination ban

Apr 22, 2014

Saginaw is putting off a decision about whether to have a citywide ban on discrimination based 

Saginaw city council is delaying a vote on an LGBT discrimination ban.
Credit User Marlith / Flickr / http://michrad.io/1LXrdJM

on sexual orientation or gender identity.  

The Saginaw Council chambers were packed to capacity, according to the Associated Press. 

But the council voted not to make a decision just yet. A few members said they wanted time to talk with the city's business and religious community.

But Councilwoman Annie Boensch says she thinks churches will support it, once they understand they're exempted from the ban.

"There was definitely some misunderstanding on the part of the faith community about what this ordinance would mean for them," she says.

"So taking the time to get that cleared up, you know, I'm sure is part of the rationale for postponing."

Boensch says she's also heard from clergy who support the discrimination ban. 

"All the concerns I had from the faith-based community didn't have to do with their belief that the LGBT community isn't deserving of these protections. They all felt very strongly that people are deserving of these protections. It's just a matter of ensuring that their churches and their religious organizations are exempt," says Boensch.

Several other Michigan cities have similar bans.