Sales tax hike backers shift into get-out-the-vote mode

Apr 7, 2015

Michigan voters will decide May 5 if they want to add a penny to the state sales tax to pay for fixing Michigan’s roads.  The proposal also includes money for schools and local governments.   

Roger Martin is with Safe Roads Yes.  He says now it’s about getting their supporters to the polls.

“If they come out and vote on May 5 we have a real good chance of winning,” says Martin, “If they don’t … we can all expect the opposite outcome.”

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Recent polls suggest the pro-sales tax hike campaign faces an uphill battle with just a month to go.  

Martin dismisses polls that show voters leaning against the tax increase.

“We’ve never had a May, off-year, single-ballot-issue election ever in the history of Michigan,” says Martin. “For that reason and other reasons, we put absolutely no stock in any of the polls taken so far.”

Opponents of the May 5 ballot question say it will steer money to special interests and is too complicated.